Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Bikers of Champaign and Urbana,

Yeah, I did laugh a little when you decided to blow through the stop sign so I honked at you and scared the crap out of you and you fell off of your bike.  Sorry, but not really.  What gives you any right to go through the intersection when you have a stop sign, just like me? Ok, because if I decided I didn't want to stop, you would sue the crap out of me and make sure that you told everyone how awful drivers were for bikers' safety.  I cannot stand that bikers are "cars" when it's convenient and "pedestrians" when it's convenient.  Doesn't work that way, plus you make it way less safe for those who actually are drivers or pedestrians.  Suck it up, follow the rules of the road, otherwise I may just run you over next time.  Darwin was on to something...

Bad news, I celebrated this weekend because Champaign, Urbana and UIPD have decided to start handing out $120 tickets to all of you who don't need to follow the rules because they don't apply to you.  I think I see an end to this recession :)